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Bird Bottle

Bird Bottle

Nestled under the eaves or beside a favorite entryway, these glazed clay creations have made happy homes for small birds since 1699. A distinctly WILLIAMSBURG accent, our bird bottles are reproduced from an original excavated from the yard of the James Geddy House. Hand-thrown earthenware. Instructions for mounting and maintenance included. Perch—a sturdy stick from your yard—not included.

These unusual birdhouses were apparently quite popular in 18th-century Williamsburg. Fragments have been unearthed throughout the area, and a 1746 inventory and 1752 advertisement provide further evidence. Though it's tempting to attribute their use to an enthusiasm for bird watching, bird bottles served a more practical purpose: nesting birds made ideal insect control around homes, kitchens, and stables.
Williamsburg by Williamsburg Pottery

Bird Bottle (8 3/4"L, 4" opening)

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